Kyōto Zen House

Zen House / Zen House Gallery (long-term rental)

1-4 people

The Zen House is a 100 years-old (1911) wooden house that has been restored in 2013, it is one of the two last original row-houses (nagaya 長屋) of this alley street; the second one is the next door house, the Zen Garden House.

The Zen House is ideal for a couple, with a closed bedroom, and a large living room opened to a small zen garden.

It is located in the district of Okazaki, North of Gion and at walking distance to Kyoto University. It is on the slopes of Yoshida Mount and Kurodani valley (the "dark valley"), near the philosopher's path and Higashiyama attractions. Okazaki cultural park, with its museums, concert hall (Rohm theater), libraries, the budo center, is also a new touristic spot.

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This is what you see when you open the door of the Zen House.

After the entrance hall, the living room (right) and the kitchen (left).

The bedroom is a black cocoon space with a tatami flooring for the futon.

The kitchen is equipped with IH stove, fridge, microwave and oven, kettle, etc.

Laundry space and unit bathroom.

Aside the bathroom, a second sink for toilet and access to the garden.

The Zen House from the street, a simple black house.


Why Zen 禅?



Zen House / Zen House Gallery (long-term rental)

1-4 people

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1-4 people

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