Kyōto Zen House

Zen Garden House (long-term rental)

1-4 people

After restoring the Zen House in 2013 we had the chance to restore the house next door in 2017, and we then discovered that it was connected to an abandoned garden, with a wild nature and a 20 meters high camphor tree. The Zen Garden House, like the Zen House, is a also 100 years-old (built in 1911) wooden house.

For the Zen Garden House our concept is to connect culture and nature, thus linking the house with the garden in the most direct way. The bathroom has wide openings and a sky window from which we can see the camphor tree. The living room opens to a wooden deck and is lit by sky windows too.

The Zen Garden House is ideal for a couple, with a tatami bedroom, and a large living room opened to a wooden open air terrace. There is also a loft mezzanine space for young people.

It is located in the district of Okazaki, North of Gion, and at walking distance to Kyoto University. It is on the slopes of Yoshida Mount and Kurodani valley (the "dark valley"), near the philosopher's path and Higashiyama attractions. Okazaki cultural park, with its museums, concert hall, libraries, budo center, is also a new touristic spot.

Please tell us that you found us on, and contact us by email if you have any questions about this rental.

The Zen Garden House and its bathroom are connected to a wild garden.

View from the living room.

The tatami bedroom can be closed or totally open to the living room.

Living room, when the bedroom sliding doors are opened.

Living room with soft furniture and table.

The kitchen is equipped with IH stove, fridge, microwave, toaster, kettle, etc.

In the entrance hall, the ancient sewing machine belonging to the house for 50 years.

The house is fully equipped with a fire safety electric system, the exit is the entrance door.

Stone lantern in the wild garden, one feature of the tea ceremony, and zen culture.

The Zen Garden House seen from the wild garden.

The Zen Garden House is the house next door to the Zen House, they share the same roof.

The Zen Garden House is a 55 m2 house, with a bedroom, living room, a loft space, and a bathroom connected to a wooden open space. It is over hanged by a tall camphor tree.

Sometimes, at the end of the winter, tanuki 狸 go down the mountain and reach our garden! They are cute, but we can't feed them, or they will be staying all the time. Last year we had a family of three, a mother and 2 kids. Here are the kids!


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