Kyōto Zen House

Maker House - rented for long-term (Hachise management)

2-5 people, $1200-2400 weekly, $4200-8400 monthly

The Maker House is a restored townhouse (machiya 町家) located in the Nishijin area, a district known for its textile industry and the kimono craftsmanship. Close to a commercial street (Kitano shōtengai) and small retail shops, it is named after its owner passion for making things. The owner used a local carpenter for the restoration of the house and made all wooden furniture by himself -- such as the beds, tables and the new kitchen, but also other details such as the wooden flooring and the crafted Japanese washi wallpaper.

The Maker House is built on 2 floors, it is ideal for a family or a group of friends. The first floor is the living area, and the second floor has 3 bedrooms and a bathroom (with a washer). The house can fit up to 4 people on beds, and has one extra futon for 1 or 2 other guests.

The district, Nishijin 西陣 and Kitano shōtengai 北野商店街, has a deep local history, as it was one of the main commercial and leisure areas in the past. Senbon 千本 and Nakadachiuri 中立売 streets have many retail shops and supermarkets. It is also at 10 minutes walk from Kyoto oldest Geisha district, Kamishichiken 上七軒, and Kitano tenmangū 北野天満宮 shrine and its famous antique flea market (25th of each month). From here you can also easily access the North Western touristic spots, the Daitokuji Zen monastery, the Golden pavilion, the Ryōanji, and Arashiyama can be accessed by train (Randen) from near-by Kitano Hakubaichō.

The Maker House is a 80 years-old property, and we have decided to keep its authenticity, leaving untouched some earthen floors, typical windows, and the wooden pillars and beams. You will also appreciate the comfort of its soft furniture and western beds. The kitchen is fully equipped with a state-of-the-art gas stove and even a dishwasher.

Please contact us by email if you have any questions about this rental.

The Maker House is a licensed hotel business, it can be rented here for a short period of time. We have a 2 nights minimum policy.

Location: 66-2 Sangenchō, Kamigyō-ku, Kyōto 602-8341 / Google map link:

Please note that this house is FOR SALE on Hachise website.

The house seen from the street.

View from the entrance hall (genkan 玄関) towards the living room.

View towards the living room.

View towards the living room from the backyard.

The living room seen from the kitchen area.

This is the front room, with a 1950s Japanese design sofa.

The front room wall, was made from the previous sliding doors, keeping the upper windows and covering the lower part with a new wall and Japanese paper (washi 和紙) wallpaper.

We have restored the previous kitchen in order to keep its authenticity.

This is the new kitchen, fully equipped with a gas stove and a dishwasher. The cabinet is made of walnut wood, the wall is covered with Japanese tiles, and the kitchen counter is a black concrete. Here you can cook!

The staircase used to be inside a closet, we opened it and enlarged the steps for more comfort.

View from the staircase, going to the second floor.

On the second floor, there are 3 bedrooms. One with a double bed and two with single beds.

View towards the second bedroom, which can be closed with a sliding door.

This bedroom has been totally renewed and wrapped with dark wood. As for the other bedrooms the beds were made by the owner.

This bedroom was thought in order to offer more privacy to a single person.

View from the bed, the white wall is covered with Japanese paper (washi).

The bathroom, on the second floor, is a "unit bath," equipped with a shower and a bath tub.

The WC is located on the first floor


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